Monday, 10 February 2014

Spring Summer Makeup Trends 2014

Are you curious about the new makeup trends for Spring Summer 2014? Here’s my take ! it’s all about Clear Skin and Statement lips!

1.        Be ‘Raw’

This year’s cat walk trends are all about minimal makeup, which means you need to have a beautiful skin base.  You can achieve this a number of ways but I like to give myself a weekly natural yoghurt face mask.  The enzymes in the yoghurt eat away your dead skin and the fattiness in the milk moisturises at the same time.  Apply a thin layer of the cooling yoghurt to the skin and allow it to work its magic for 20 mins.  Wipe off with a warm flannel then rinse and moisturise as normal. You can add a little honey if you suffer from acne or if you suffer heavy from acne I can suggest an aspirin facemask which I wrote about last year (check my other facebook posts for the instructions.)

Be kind to yourself and to your skin.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day and wear a night cream.  I sleep on a silk pillowcase, this allows the night cream to really absorb into my skin instead of into my pillow case!  Remember to remove your makeup first! 

 I use Estee Lauder’s Night Repair Serum and Coryse Salome Restorative Night Cream. 

Use a damp sponge to apply your foundation, this leaves such a beautiful and glowy finish. For makeup you want to use concealer to hide any dark spots, area under the eyes and around the nose and dab this gently with your ring finger. It’s all in the lightness of makeup this season so be sure to use soft sweeping strokes to apply your blusher. 
2.       Thick wild eyebrows and bright orange lips

If you’re like me, you have no problems with ‘wild’ bushy eyebrows.  Brush these upwards and apply a little clear mascara to keep in place.  If you get your eyebrows done by a professional ask them to keep them thick.  This will give some of your hairs a chance to grow back to achieve this look. 

Any bold coloured lipstick needs a smooth surface to adhere too. Use a soft wet toothbrush to gently brush any dead skins cells from your lips, then treat immediately with Vaseline or similar.  Line and fill your lips in the same coloured lip pencil as your lipstick and then apply your statement lipstick.  Conceal around the edges of your lipstick for a really sharp finish.
Remember!  Makeup is about having fun, so go and enjoy!  xxx